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Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

big barker*Handmade in USA
*Orthopedic foam
*10 year warranty

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Majestic Suede Bagel Dog Bed

Majestic2*Soft polyester fill
*Waterproof base
*Value for money

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Types of Dog Beds

Below we have highlighted the five different styles of dog beds on the market.

Cushion/Pillow Dog Bed

Cushion pillow dog bed 

Cushion dog beds are soft dog beds made out of either a shaped foam or are stuffed with soft materials. These dog beds typically lay low to the ground providing easy access for any pup. Cushion dog beds are a big hit with most dogs, as they are comfortable to lay on and usually very temperate.

Bolster Dog Bed

Bolster dog bed

Bolster dog beds are dog beds usually formed with a soft but firm foam and also have a long pillow or ridge attached to them. This type of dog bed is universally like by dogs because it is both comfortable and provide support. A strong bolster dog bed allows even large dogs to relax while elevating their snout.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

Orthopedic dog bed 

Orthopedic dog beds are quickly becoming more popular. This type of dog bed takes many shapes, but has one common trait – it provides your dog the orthopedic support he or she needs.

Commonly made out of memory foam or a combination of firm and semi-firm foams, they provide a comfortable laying area for dogs without losing their shape.

Elevated/Chew proof Dog Beds


Elevated dog bed 

The elevated dog bed is one which sits several inches off the floor. This is done for several reasons.

First, most floors are very good at retaining heat during the summer and cold during the winter. By utilizing an elevated bed, your dog will be less affected by climate. Next, by elevating the dog bed and utilizing a breathable material, you can help your pup’s coat breathe – avoiding bad odors, knots, etc.

Heated Dog Beds

Heated dog bed

Heated dog beds are great for those dogs who do not have enough of their own fur to keep them warm in the winter. There are many different types of heated dog beds – some utilize the same technology found in common electric blankets and other use structure and design to create insulation.

Dog beds which use their own design to create an insulating effect often have an attached area for dogs to climb into.

Best Dog Beds Comparison Table 2016


Best Military Watch

Best Military Watch

Best Military Watch

Best Military Watch

Best Military Watch
Big Barker 7” Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed
Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed
Kuranda Chew-Proof Dog Bed
Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed
Molly Mutt Dog Bed Duvet
External Cover
Cedar and Polyester
Sizes Between (inches)
48x30 - 60x48
30x18 - 19x15
30x20 - 50x36
24x22 - 52x36
Replacement Cover
10 Years
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
Our Rating
5 Stars
5 Stars
5 Stars
4.5 Stars
4 Stars
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Top 5 Best Dog Bed Reviews 2016

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Big Barker 7” Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

New Price:

Type: Orthopedic Dog Bed
Best for: Large and older dogs
Size: Between: 48x30 - 60x48

The Big Barker 7” Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed is a dog bed designed especially for large dogs. Utilizing 7” of American made high quality orthopedic foam, this bed provides both comfort and support for large dogs. Available with this dog bed is a head rest made of the same orthopedic foam. Head rests come in various sizes to provide the upmost comfort for your dog. Additionally, the Big Barker’s bed lining is made of a microfiber material, which is machine washable and stylish.
Key Features
  • High quality American made orthopedic foam
  • 100% micro-fiber cover
  • Available orthopedic pillow
  • American made zipper
  • Hand made in the USA
  • Soft to the touch fabric
  • Comes in three sizes
  • 10 year gurantee
  • Easy to clean
  • Price
  • Size - only very large
  • Limited to three color options
Our Review
The Big Barker 7” Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed is made using high quality, American orthopedic foam. This foam has a 10 year guarantee that it will retain at least 90% of its original shape. The foam has a 100% micro fiber cover, which is durable, looks great and is soft to the touch.
The Big Barker 7” Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed is made of orthopedic foam, which will not flatten or become lumpy over time. More importantly, the foam will maintain most of its shape, providing your dog with support and comfort that you won’t find in most other large dog beds.
The Big Barker 7” Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed has a simple design, which is both affective and convenient. The bed itself is rectangular in shape, with layered orthopedic padding. The bed can also include an orthopedic pillow. Moreover, the bed has a nice microfiber cover, which looks very elegant.
The Big Barker 7” Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed is a very easy to clean dog bed. This bed’s micro-fiber cover is easily removable and can be washed and dried in any conventional washing machine and dryer. Another benefit of microfiber is that it is water resistant, allowing for easy, on the spot cleanups.
The Big Barker 7” Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed is certainly a high quality bed, but you will pay for the quality. This bed is much more expensive than the average large dog bed, however, its quality also surpasses other beds of similar shape, size and durability. The price is fair, but the bed is expensive in comparison to other beds.
The Big Barker 7” Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed is the perfect bed for large dogs who love to lounge around. It is also a good buy for older dogs that can really benefit from the orthopedic support that this bed provides. This bed is durable and easy to maintain.

Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed

List Price:
$99.95 USD
New Price:

Type: Heated Dog Bed
Best for: Small dogs, who enjoy burrowing
Size: Between: 30x18 - 19x15

The Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed is perfect for pets, dogs in particular, who really love to burrow and snuggle. The dog bed’s cave-like structure allows dogs of any size to cozy their way into it – choosing whether or not to cover their head and body or just their body.

This bed is made out of Sherpa lining, which is cool in the winter and warm in the summer and has a removable cover, which is both washable and dryable.

Finally, the bed’s cover attaches using a heavy duty brass zipper and has a built in zipper cover – so that your dog’s hair won’t get caught or snagged in the zipper.
Key Features
  • Cave-like design
  • Sherpa lining
  • Luxury micro-suede cover
  • Heavy duty brass zipper
  • Zipper liner
  • Soft cushion
  • Provides are for dogs to burrow
  • Keeps dogs warm in the winter
  • Keeps dogs cool in the summer
  • Not chew proof
  • Better for small dogs
  • Wearable fleece interior
Our Review
The Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed is made entirely of fabric, which covers a molded cushion. The fabric cover comes with a heavy duty zipper, which is strong and durable. This bed should stand up against normal wear and tear, i.e. small dogs who like to burrow into their bed. But this bed will most likely not stand up to dogs who like to chew.
The Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed is a very comfortable bed. Its cave like shape and its use of Sherpa lining makes it both warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The bed itself is composed of a comfortable, soft, formed cushion – which provides comfort and support.
The Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed has two wonderful design elements. The first is its cave-like shape, which acts as an insulator. The second is the fact that this bed creates a cozy safe space for dogs who like to cuddle and burrow. Additionally, this bed comes in many different colors and patterns, which can match your home décor.
The Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed is easy to maintain and keep clean. This bed has a removable cover, which can be put into any standard washing machine and dryer. The fabric is durable and will retain is color/ patters when machine washed. The foam padding is well protected by its outer cover, and shouldn’t need washing very often.
The Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed is slightly more expensive than average, but still gives you a lot of bang for your buck. This bed is made of quality materials and provides features uncommon to most dog beds (its cave-like structure). This bed should last as well, as long as your dog is not a chewer.
The Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed is a wonderful choice for small dogs who love to snuggle/ burrow. This bed is well insulated, which will keep you pup warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The cozy cushion is perfect for any small dog. Note, if your dog likes to chew beds, this may not be the right choice for you.

Kuranda Chew-Proof Dog Bed

List Price:
$79.95 USD
New Price:

Type: Elevated Dog Bed
Best for: Medium and large dogs, dogs who like to chew
Size: Between: 30x20 - 50x36

The Kuranda Chew-Proof Dog Bed is a durable polyresin dog bed, which provides lifted orthopedic support for dogs of any size – this bed can hold up to 125lb. The Kuranda Chew-Proof Dog Bed was designed with “dogs who love to chew” in mind. The bed’s frame is made of high strength PVC, which can withstand even the sharpest teeth.

This bed comes in several different colors, which can pair with any household interior design. Moreover, the bed frame is UV resistant, and will retain its color even if left outside for long periods of time. The Kuranda Chew-Proof Dog Bed is easy to maintain and clean and is guaranteed to maintain its color through repeated cleaning.
Key Features
  • High strength PVC frame
  • Supports up to 125lb
  • Elevated orthopedic design
  • Beautiful Grey Finish
  • Your choice of fabric
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • No cushion
  • Hard edges
  • Bulky
Our Review
The Kuranda Chew-Proof Dog Bed is very durable. Its strong PVC frame is hard for any dog to chew through. The elevated fabric laying area is made of a Cordura Fabric – the brand name of choice for military and police who need durable material. Finally, with a max weight of 125lb, this dog bed is about as durable as they come.
The Kuranda Chew-Proof Dog Bed utilizes an elevated/raised orthopedic design. This bed offers good support as well as comfort. In addition to the plain Cordura Fabric, you can place a pillow or cushion on top of the bed if need be. One down side of this bed is the outer frame, which is not canvased – leaving an exposed hard area.
The Kuranda Chew-Proof Dog Bed has a very simple, practical design. This bed is a solid rectangle with four sturdy feet, which keep it elevated. On the other hand, the simplicity of the bed also detracts from its ability to add to the overall décor of any room in your house.
The Kuranda Chew-Proof Dog Bed is easily washable and will retain its color through several washings. Due to both the nature of the PVC frame and the Cardura Fabric, this bed can be hosed down and wiped down with ease. The beds UV resistant coating allows for outdoor drying during the summer, without the risk of being bleached by the sun.
The Kuranda Chew-Proof Dog Bed is moderately priced at just under $80.00. This bed is made of strong, durable materials, which should last several years. Additionally, the manufacture offers a 1-year warranty, guaranteeing that you will have a sturdy, lasting, quality dog bed. In comparison what similar style beds, the Kuranda Chew-Proof Dog Bed is priced just below the average.
The Kuranda Chew-Proof Dog Bed is an ideal bed for large dogs who love to chew. This dog bed is durable, easy to clean and maintain and provides your dog with orthopedic support. Additionally, the bed can either be kept safely indoors or outdoors, without the risk of sun damage. Overall, a great choice of dog bed.

Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed

New Price:

Type: Bolster Dog Bed
Best for: Small, medium and large size dogs
Size: Between: 24x22 - 52x36

The Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed is a bagel shaped bed, which is stuffed with a comfortable Premium High Loft Polyester Fiber. The bed’s base is made out of 300/600 Denier, which is both sturdy and waterproof. The bolster and cushion are made of durable and comfortable Fau by Suede. This sleek bed is 52” in diameter, providing plenty of space for most dogs. This dog bed is machine washable in an over-sized washer and is air dryable.
Key Features
  • Bagel style
  • Chocolate suede
  • Water proof base
  • 300/600 Denier
  • Durable Fau by Suede
  • High loft polyester fiber fill
  • Comfort
  • Price
  • Durability
  • Requires oversize washer for machine wash
  • Two component pieces
  • No removable cover
Our Review
The Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed is made out of very durable materials. The base is composed of heavy duty water-proof 300/600 Denier. The bolster and the cushions are a durable fau by Suede. With normal usage, this bed should last a long time. This bed is not ideal for dogs who like to chew.
The Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed is a very comfortable bed. From beginning to end, this bed was made with your dog’s comfort in mind. Its soft, sturdy bolster provides dogs a nice support to lie against and its soft cushions will make any dog feel like they are lying on a cloud.
The Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed has a simple, but superior design. From the choice of materials to the actual form of the bed, every last detail was taken into account. The donut shape provides a small cozy area for your dog to curl up. The soft fabrics are also beautiful and can match the décor of almost any room.
The Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed does not have a detachable cover, which makes it a little harder to wash. The bed itself is machine washable, but it requires an oversized washer. Additionally, this bed is not dryer friendly – but will air dry nicely (air drying will take longer in the winter months).
The Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed is an affordable bed and really gives you a lot for your money. The bed is made of quality materials, that will hold up over time. Additionally, the bed itself is priced fairly and competitively, with bog beds of a similar style and quality.
The Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed is a nice bed for dogs who like to cozy and curl up. This bed is suitable for dogs of almost any size, who do not like to chew their beds. This bed is durable and comfortable – it should last a long time (under normal conditions).

Molly Mutt Dog Bed Duvet

List Price:
New Price: USD
Type: Cushion/ Pillow Dog Bed
Best for: Dogs of all sizes
Size: Between: 36x36

The Molly Mutt Dog Bed Duvet is both a quality replacement cover for an existing dog bed and can be utilized as a dog bed in its own right. By stuffing the cover with towels, blankets or old clothes, you can create a dog bed that fits the exact comfort needs of your dog. These designer duvets are classy and durable. They are made of 100% cotton and are fully-zippered and gusseted. These duvets are machine washable and dryable, and they are pre-shrunk – so they will continue to fit after their first wash.
Key Features
  • 100% Cotton
  • Fully zippered and gusseted
  • Designer pattern
  • Pre-shrunk
  • Fits most dog beds
  • Durable material
  • Machine washable
  • Removable
  • Multiple sizes
  • Does not include a cushion
  • Only one color and pattern
  • Can be lumpy
Our Review
The Molly Mutt Dog Bed Duvet is made of 100% cotton. The duvet itself is very durable and comes pre-shrunk (so you don’t need to worry about it shrinking in the wash). The duvet will last under normal conditions, but will tear if it turns into your dog’s chew toy.
The Molly Mutt Dog Bed Duvet is composed of soft cotton fabric. This provides a comfortable exterior for your dog. However, because this is only a duvet cover, additional comfort factors will depend on what you stuff the duvet with, i.e. an old used bed or old towels and clothes, etc.
The Molly Mutt Dog Bed Duvet is superbly designed. The duvet comes in a nice pattern with bright colors. The duvet’s zipper is strong and can be hidden by the cover itself, keeping your dog safe from snagged hairs and keeping your duvet looking nice and natural. This duvet can be a nice addition to any room in your house.
The Molly Mutt Dog Bed Duvet is very easy to wash and maintain. The fabric is 100% cotton and is machine washable and dryable. There is no need to worry about the duvet shrinking as it comes to you pre-shrunk. Finally, the duvet is also easy to remove and re-cover whatever you are using as cushion for your dog’s bed.
The Molly Mutt Dog Bed Duvet is very affordable and provides you with a quality duvet for the price. However, note that the duvet itself is not a full dog bed, so you will have to either buy a bed to cover, use an old bed or stuff the duvet with other materials – this could add to the expense.
Molly Mutt Dog Bed Duvet is a great purchase if you have an existing dog bed you want to cover, or if you have some old towels or clothes that you don’t mind turning into a bed. The duvet its self is sturdy and suitable for most large and small dogs. This bed may not be great for dogs who have a habit ofing their beds.

What to look for in a Dog Bed?

1. Durability

It is crucial to ensure that the dog bed you purchase will be able to withstand the hard treatment your dog will undoubtedly put it through.

The stronger it is and the longer it lasts – the more value you get from your purchase. Therefore, be cautious of dog beds which have weak frames, or frames that are easy to disassemble or use fabrics that are easy to rip.

2. Comfort

If your dog bed is uncomfortable your dog will find somewhere else to relax. That being said it is important to find a dog bed that is both soft and firm. There are many dog beds on the market that offer orthopedic cushions, which provide your pooch with both comfort and strong support.

Keeping your dog off the ground is another key fact in dog bed comfort. The ground is hard and often absorbs the cold during the winter and heat during the summer. For a cozy, temperate dog bed you should look for either beds with legs or thick memory foam so that your dog is not lying directly on the hard non-temperate floor.

3. Design

When approaching the topic of design, lets first address the needs of your dog. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the bed is accessible by your dog. You can have the nicest dog bed on the market, but if your dog cannot make his way onto it then it does not do him any good.

Next, you should consider the factors that are important to you. Shape, size and color. It is important that the dog bed you choose is something that you don’t mind looking at every day. Think of it as another piece of furniture. You should choose a bed that blends in with your current furniture. For many dog beds you can choose which type of fabric and which color you would like. This ability to customize gives you greater ability to choose the dog bed that is best suited to both you and your dog.

4. Washability

Let’s face it, as much as we love our dogs they are not the cleanest animals. Dogs seem to have a habit of tracking mud, bacteria and other muck into the house; they slobber and they shed – but who can blame them? That is why it is important to find a dog bed that is easily cleanable. Pay attention to which beds are washing machine safe and which may require hand washing.

Many dog beds have removable covers, which are easy to toss into a washing machine. Yet others are completely attached and require a large machine for washing. Be sure to consider what toll washing will take on the dog bed. Will the colors fade or blend? Will that material shrink, etc.?

5. Price/ Quality

There are many expensive dog beds on the market. But expensive does not necessarily mean quality. On the other hand, there is truth to the statement, “you get what you pay for.” Looking for the cheapest dog bed will most likely have you back on the market for a new dog bed in no time. That being said, it is important to compare the price of a dog bed with its quality and durability.

Buyers Guide

Dog owners want the best for their dogs – they want to feed them the best food, get them the best toys and of course get them the best dog beds. But how do you know which dog bed is the best? More importantly, how do you know which dog bed is the best for your dog? There are literally thousands of different dog beds to choose from. They range in size, shape, material, color, design and more!

Measure and Weigh Your Dog

Before you can really start looking at different beds, you need to know how big or small of a bed you are looking for. Especially if you are buying online! This is because pictures are hard to gauge. Every online dog bed option lists very clearly the dimensions of the bed, so that you can easily find one matching your dog’s size.

Measuring, however, may not be enough. It can also be very important to know your dog’s weight as many beds do have a weight limit. For example, elevated dog beds usually have a maximum weight limit – this limit can be very high, but you need to know what it is before you make a purchase. Similarly, with dog beds that use orthopedic foam cushions. Most orthopedic foam will keep its shape and support for many years, but if there is too much weight on it – it could lose its shape sooner.

Relaxation and Sleeping Positions

The next key factor to know about your dog is exactly how he or she likes to relax and how he or she likes to sleep (these two categories are not always the same). This is important because not all dog beds will be ideal for all relaxation and sleeping habits – and it is very important to find a bed that matches your dog’s sleeping habits, or they won’t be sleeping in their new dog bed.

For example, some dogs really like to snuggle under covers or blankets. If you have a dog that likes to burrow and snuggle, then a large flat surface bed won’t do them much good. They will, more likely, end up trying to crawl into bed with you – so they can burrow under the covers. On the other hand, if you find them a soft cozy bed that has a built in cover – your dog many never want to leave his bed again.

Know Where Your Dog Likes to Rest

Knowing where your dog likes to rest may not seem like a crucial dog bed buying factor, but I assure you that it is. Why? Simply, if your dog has a favorite rest spot he or she will not want to rest anywhere else. That can seriously limit exactly where you can put his or her dog bed. For example, if you dog really likes to rest under the window in your living room – you will have to find a dog bed that both fits in that spot, but also looks appealing (after all you don’t want to have an eyesore in your living room).

On the other hand, you may have a dog who really like to sleep outside – in which case, you don’t really need an aesthetically pleasing dog bed – you will, however, need a bed that can withstand the elements. One that will not weaken because of the sun or rain.


Once you know more or less what size dog bed you need and where you will need to keep it, you can start thinking about dog bed materials. You will want strong fabrics, that are less prone to tearing and maybe even waterproof materials depending on where you will keep your dog bed.

Another factor to consider is what type of materials your dog likes. Does he or she like soft fabrics, or scratchy fabrics, etc. You should also know if your dog is allergic or sensitive to any materials.

Finally, consider what type of material you will want for the interior of your dog bed. There are many types of dog bed filling, which vary in cost. You can choose orthopedic memory foam or a much simpler fiber fill. This will depend on the needs of your dog!

Know Which Types of Beds Are Available

Once you have determined the size of bed your dog will need, what materials it should be made out of and where you will keep the dog bed, you need to familiarize yourself with the different types of dog beds. If you know you need a bed that is chew proof, you can use that as your main search criteria. So too, if you know that you need an orthopedic bed. At this point it is very easy to then compare and contrast different beds that cater to similar dogs, i.e. different types of orthopedic beds.

One additional point, take the time to familiarize yourself with different supplementary dog bed features. Many beds are now providing additions to their base bed or they are finding new ways of making it easy to maintain your dog bed. So be sure to pay attention to the additional features of every bed you look at. You may discover that a micro-fiber fabric will suit your needs more than simple cotton. Or that you much prefer having a bed with a removable cover.


When considering to buy a product as diverse as dog beds, you really need to have a strong starting point. There are so many options to choose from – color, size, design, fabrics, etc. – you can literally spend hours doing research and really make very little progress.

Due to the fact that there are so many options available on the dog bed market, we have identified five evaluation categories which will help you determine the right dog bed for you. The five categories are, durability, comfort, design, wash-ability and price/quality. These categories can be applied to every type of dog bed and can allow you to easily compare and contrast your different options.

When you begin your search, keep these five evaluation categories in mind. Note that you will need a bed that is made of durable material. Dogs are rambunctious fun animals who love to play! Part of their playing, though, is biting and tearing. So you need to ensure that you find a bed that can withstand this kind of use. Additionally, you will want to make sure that the dog bed you purchase is comfortable. If, at the end of the day, the dog bed you buy is uncomfortable then your four legged friend will not spend much time on it. Next you will want to make sure that you, the dog owner, is happy with the dog bed. That means making sure that it has a nice design, which can blend in with your current décor; that also means that the dog bed is easily washable. Finally, you will want to find the most affordable price for a quality dog bed that meets all of these requirement!